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Sometimes making a guest sleep on a sleeper sofa mattress can be just plain mean. If we are being honest, have you ever actually slept on a comfortable pull-out couch? It seems like virtually every one of them is built with a bar in the same place that presses just below your shoulders, making it virtually impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position. That type of bed could be useful if your goal is to make sure that your guests don’t stay very long.

Maybe you have a sleeper sofa that doesn’t get very much use or that is typically only used as a couch. If you have a sleeper sofa that gets slept on regularly, or if you simply want to be prepared for more overnight guests than your bedrooms can accommodate, you might want to consider improving the comfort of your sleeper sofa mattress. Even if your pull-out couch does not get frequent use, there might still be a reason to upgrade it. Many people find that sleeper sofas that stay folded up for long periods of time can develop a crease where it is folded over. If the mattress on your sleeper sofa does not get a lot of use, the last thing you want is to unfold it when you need it and find that it has been worn out by being stored.

body contouring memory foam
hand print outline on body contouring memory foam

Body-Countouring Memory Foam

For people who would like to improve the comfort or quality of their sleeper sofa mattress, we have a solution. Typical memory foam mattresses are built with memory foam on top, a supportive base layer on the bottom, and sometimes with transition layers in the middle for a more premium feel. By reducing the thickness of the base layer and adding memory foam to the bottom, we have taken the body-contouring effects that you look for on your back and shoulders and applied it to the bottom of the mattress as well. This means that the base layer will contour to the support bars that are underneath your mattress, which is often the main source of discomfort on sleeper sofa mattresses. Although this might not give a sleeper sofa mattress the same feel as a thicker mattress on a bed, it is the most comfortable sleeper sofa mattress on the market. The memory foam construction is also more durable than the usual quilted design, which means that our sleeper sofa mattress is significantly more resistant to developing creases from being folded up.

tape measure being used to meausre sizes for custom mattress


While sleeper sofa mattresses do not all come in the same size, that is not a problem for us. Simply measure the length, width, and thickness of the mattress that is in the sleeper sofa now and we will build one to the same dimensions. Since there can be some variation from one mattress to another, our sleeper sofa mattress does not have any ties. We will vacuum seal and ship the mattress to you. Free shipping applies on sleeper sofa mattresses in most cases. As is true of most of our custom mattresses, the Delarkin sleeper sofa mattress has a two- to four-week lead time.

tape measure being used to meausre sizes for custom mattress

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