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Let’s face it, nobody wants to sleep on a pull-out couch. There’s that annoying support bar that digs into your back just below your shoulders. And don’t forget the uncomfortable crease from the mattress being folded up since the last time you were there. Sleeper sofa mattresses are made for the comfort of the sofa, not the sleeper. A thin, flimsy mattress folds up and compresses easily for the comfort of people sitting on the couch.

Now, you can ensure the comfort of sofa sitters and overnight guests. Delarkin custom sleeper sofa mattresses are made for longevity, durability and comfort.

body contouring memory foam
hand print outline on body contouring memory foam

Body-Countouring Memory Foam

We have taken an innovative approach to sleeper sofa mattresses. By reducing the thickness of the base layer and adding memory foam to the bottom, your Delarkin mattress contours to the support bars, preventing them from pushing into your body. The memory foam construction is more durable than the usual quilted design and better resists creasing from being folded up.

tape measure being used to meausre sizes for custom mattress


Most pull-out sleeper sofas come in standard sizes, but there always are exceptions, especiall for custom made, antique or foreign furniture. Delarkin specializes in mattresses made to order, so we can handle any size you need. Simply measure the length, width and thickness of your current mattress, and we will build one to match. If you’re not sure what to do, the Delarkin experts can walk you through it. Once we know the size, we will custom-make your sleeper sofa mattress, vacuum seal it and ship it to you.

Delarkin sleeper sofa mattresses put the comfort of the sleeper first while providing quality material and workmanship for longevity and durability. You’ll never have to worry that your guests will be uncomfortable or will avoid staying with you because of a mass-produced, uncomfortable pull-out couch mattress. Contact us today to replace your flimsy old sleeper sofa mattress with a custom Delarkin mattress for superior comfort and quality!

tape measure being used to meausre sizes for custom mattress

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