Custom Mattresses by Delarkin

At Delarkin, our team builds custom sleep solutions designed to fit our customers unique needs. Our experienced mattress craftsmen know the right questions to ask on a quick phone call assessment to develop the perfect custom mattress for any need.

Our goal is to create a custom mattress that our customers need to feel rested, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, nothing is more important than mattress quality. An ill-fitting, low-quality mattress isn’t just uncomfortable, it can seriously affect your health as you struggle to get the restful night’s sleep your body needs to function.

custom mattress being stitched together

Delarkin Custom Mattresses for Bedrooms

At Delarkin, each of our mattresses is created from scratch to ensure the highest quality and comfort with every order. Our team of expert craftsmen takes pride in each mattress we produce, ensuring each sleep solution meets the highest standard of quality prior to shipment and delivery. Our team will build custom mattresses for any need and specification. Whether you’re seeking answers to technical questions or are looking for a custom mattress quote, our team is readily available to answer your call and guide you through our process.

We are committed to providing our customers with mattresses that aren’t just comfortable, but are safe. While we remain compliant with current fire-retardant material standards, we understand that these materials contain chemicals that could negatively impact the health of our customers. For this reason, we also offer custom mattresses without the added fire-retardant material as long as a note is provided from your doctor. To learn more about the chemicals present in fire-retardant materials, visit our blog.

Big and Tall Mattresses by Delarkin

Customers taller than six feet understand how difficult it can be to find a perfect fit for their mattress. While king-sized mattresses provide ample width, they lack the length necessary to keep your feet from dangling. Likewise, California king mattresses are longer from head to foot, but are too narrow. Wouldn’t it be great to have a mattress custom designed to your unique proportions and finally get the restful night’s sleep you deserve?

Founders RH Delaney and Phillip Arkin understand the struggle that big and tall customers face when purchasing a high-quality, comfortable mattress. Both taller than six feet, our founders have the unique perspective necessary to create the big and tall mattresses customers need to rest easy. We’ll develop a custom big and tall mattress taking your specific needs into careful consideration.

big and tall man sleeping on a comfortable delarkin mattress

Custom Sleep Solutions for Any Situation

Delarkin was initially created to provide custom RV mattresses to help travelers stay well-rested while on the road. But our sleep solutions don’t stop there: Our team can create custom mattresses for virtually any situation, including:

    • Antique Beds
    • Big and Tall Beds
    • Custom Shapes
    • Tiny Houses
    • RV & Camper Mattresses
    • Boat Mattresses
    • Pet Beds & Mattresses
    • Plane Mattresses
    • And more!

No matter where you lay your head at night, Delarkin has the custom mattress solutions you need to ensure a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. Whether you need a boat mattress, pet bed, or camper mattress, our team has the tools and expertise to make your mattress dreams a reality. Contact us to get a free quote and start building your custom mattress today.


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