Take Comfort With You, Wherever You Go

Your RV represents many things: freedom, adventure, and now – premium comfort!

With Delarkin, your days on the road no longer come at the cost of sleepless nights on uncomfortable beds. Replace your stock mattress with a custom RV mattress and get ready to hit the road!

Custom RV Mattress Manufacturer

Is a Delarkin custom camper mattress right for you? It is if:


You’re uncomfortable on the mattress currently in your camper or RV


Your significant other is always complaining about your RV mattress


You wake up in the morning feeling tired and not EVEN remotely refreshed


Your back hurts when you sleep in your camper or RV

Delarkin was founded to help people traveling in RVs get the best night sleep possible. Our mattresses are specially designed with the unique needs of an RV or camper in mind. Get the maximum enjoyment and recovery out of your trip with Delarkin. Because you deserve it!

Our Mattresses

All Delarkin mattresses come with FREE SHIPPING and our 90-Day Sleep Trial Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can switch models or return your mattress for a full refund.

The Summit

The Summit is a three-layer memory foam mattress designed to provide support without being too soft. Sink into the cooling memory foam top layer and settle down to the firmer foam support layers beneath. Perfect for: People who like a firm mattress.

the outback custom rv mattress without tagline


All-new Froli Sleep System mattress. A 5-inch thick mattress that, when coupled with the Froli Support System, can be anywhere from very firm to very soft and everything in between. Also comes in Truck Size.

the crossroad froli custom rv mattress showing springs and sheet
the summit custom rv mattress without tagline

The Outback

The Outback is a two-layer memory foam mattress designed for people just dipping their toes into the waters of a custom RV mattress. Enjoy the comfort of memory foam infused with a cooling gel top layer with all the support of a firmer foam layer beneath. Perfect for: People who want a less expensive mattress without compromising on comfort.

the oasis custom rv mattress without tagline

The Oasis

Our highest level of customer satisfaction! The Oasis is five layers of soft and supportive memory foam that may even best your at-home mattress. Sink into the luxurious top memory foam layers that contour to your body and settle down to the supportive yet soft lower layers. Perfect for: People who want ultimate comfort from their custom camper mattress.


90 Days to Return

With our 90-Day Sleep Comfort Guarantee, you can rest easy!

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders shipped within the United States!

Why You Need a Delarkin Mattress

Imagine waking up in your camper to the soft morning light and the sound of the birds after a restful night’s sleep. With a full day of fun ahead, you don’t have to worry about being tired or sore from a thin or poking mattress.

Here at Delarkin, we know how important a comfortable custom camper mattress is to your vacation. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, we only design superior sleep solutions for your traveling lifestyle. Our knowledgeable team can answer all your custom mattress questions to ensure you find the best mattress for your RV or camper.

Awesome customer service and excellent quality mattresses. They custom made a mattress for our boat. It fits perfectly and is wonderful to sleep on! Great service – quick order – and exactly what we wanted!!! Great value – Great pricing!! Thank You!

They really do make the best camper mattress I have ever slept on (my wife thinks so too.) We have bought two of them. Good staff and very reasonable price.

RH is an awesome guy to work with and he will take care of you. Ask for him, but everyone is on top of their game. You won’t be disappointed

Great RV mattress, great customer service. Wonderful overall experience!

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